Volume 31 (Issue 1) -- Year 2010

Creating the IBIS model for a digital IC device

S. M. Low and M. H. Shafdar

Vol.44, Pages 001-004

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In-vitro 60Co dose calibration curve using dicentrics assay technique for the Malaysian National Biodosimetry Laboratory

Noriah Jamal, Rahimah Abdul Rahim, Noraisyah Yusof, Juliana Mahamad Napiah, Nelly Bo Nai Lee, Yahaya Talib and Rehir Dahalan

Vol.44, Pages 005-008

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The influence of Sn doping on the structural and morphology of ZnO nanowire deposited using PVD technique

M. A. Mohd Sarjidan, R. Razali, Noor Ida Erina Wahab, Atiqah Zahari, W. H. Abd. Majid and Burhanuddin Kamaluddin

Vol.44, Pages 009-014

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Comparison of ND:YAG laser beam quality between free running and Q-switched modes

Noriah Bidin and Low Pek Kee

Vol.44, Pages 015-020

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Manganese doped ZnS nanophosphors as radiation dosimeter

Khalid H. Al-Hinai, Roslan Md Nor and Yusoff Mohd Amin

Vol.44, Pages 021-022

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Effect of ion temperature on arbitrary amplitude quantum dust ion acoustic solitary waves

Prasanta Chatterjee, Sithi V. Muniandy and C. S. Wong

Vol.44, Pages 023-028

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