Volume 29 (Issue 3 & 4) -- Year 2008

Contributions of lateral current path to p-n junction GaN-based LEDs performance

M. F. Othman, A. Abdul Aziz and M. R. Hashim

Vol.44, Pages 051-054

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Morphology and luminescence properties of porous Al0.09Ga0.91N generated via Pt-assisted electroless etching

L. S. Chuah, Z. Hassan and H. Abu Hassan

Vol.44, Pages 055-058

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Surface plasmon resonance measurement of polyethylene glycol in water

Nurul Izrini Ikhsan, W. Mahmood Mat Yunus, Zainal Abidin Talib and Zaidan Abdul Wahab

Vol.44, Pages 059-062

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Electron transport mechanism of thermally oxidized ZnO gas sensors

N. H. Al-Hardan, M. J. Abdullah and A. Abdul Aziz

Vol.44, Pages 063-066

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Dielectric characterization of thermoplastic natural rubber/strontium titanate composites at 10 Hz to 1 MHz

Jumiah Hassan, Deventharan a/l Rajaram, Mansor Hashim, Azizan Ahmad and Zulkifly Abbas

Vol.44, Pages 067-070

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Effect of annealing temperature on surface, structural and electrical properties of titanium dioxide thin films prepared by sol gel method

M. K. Ahmad, N. A. Rasheid, A. Zain Ahmed, S. Abdullah, and M. Rusop

Vol.44, Pages 071-074

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Optical characteristics of poly[(9, 9- dioctylfluorenyl-2, 7-diyl) – co – (1, 4- phenylene)] (F8P) on ITO coated glass

S. S. Tneh, H. Omar, H. Abu Hassan and Z. Hassan

Vol.44, Pages 075-076

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Photoacoustic characterization of CuSe metal chalcogenide semiconductor using phase signal analysis

J. Y. C. Liew, Z. A. Talib, W. M. M. Yunus, Z. Zainal, S. A. Halim, K. P. Lim, M. M. Moksin and W. D. W. Yusoff

Vol.44, Pages 077-080

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Characterization of zeolite-based catalysts for methane conversion

A. Asmadi, M. Ramli, M. S. Azhar and H. B. Senin

Vol.44, Pages 081-084

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Space-time trajectory approach in nuclear relativistic Coulomb excitation and its recoil correction

Hock-Seng Nguan and Bernardine R. Wong

Vol.44, Pages 085-088

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Bound-state energies for the superposed screened Coulomb potential

L. K. Sharma, Pranav Saxena and Ashok K. Nagawat

Vol.44, Pages 089-093

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Generalized chaos synchronization of discrete maps via linear transformations

Swarup Poria, Anindita Tarai and Prasanta Chatterjee

Vol.44, Pages 095-102

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