Volume 29 (Issue 1 & 2) -- Year 2008

Experimental study on resistive type superconducting fault current limiter

K. W. See and N. A. Hamid

Vol.44, Pages 007-010

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Surface effects on switching in ferroelectric films

Lye-Hock Ong, Ahmad Musleh and Junaidah Osman

Vol.44, Pages 011-014

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The determination of timer error and its role in the administration of specified doses

S. B. Samat, C. J. Evans, T. Kadni and M. T. Dolah

Vol.44, Pages 015-019

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Radiogenic heat production in pebble from rocks in Ekiti State, Nigeria

E. B. Faweya

Vol.44, Pages 021-024

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Electrical properties of polyurethane graphite composites

T. S. Velayutham, A. B. Ahmad, W. H. Abd Majid and Gan Seng Neon

Vol.44, Pages 025-028

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An experimental investigation of the effect of specimen shape and geometry on the energy absorption of fiberglass composite tubes

Elfetori F. Abdewi, S. Sulaiman, A. M. S. Hamouda and E. Mahdi

Vol.44, Pages 029-034

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A study of fracture surface of fibres in Acacia Mangium wood using small-angle x-ray scattering and scanning electron microscope

Tamer A. Tabet, Fauziah Haji Abdul Aziz and Shahidan Radiman

Vol.44, Pages 035-039

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Electrical properties and thermal stability of Ti/Al ohmic contact on n-GaN Schottky diode

Tariq Munir, Azlan Abdul Aziz and Mat Johar Abdullah

Vol.44, Pages 041-045

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Development of an optical pumping driver using series injection method

Noriah Bidin, Johari Adnan, Asmawati@Fatin Najihah Alias and Ahmad Hadi Ali

Vol.44, Pages 047-050

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