Volume 45 (Issue 1) -- Year 2024

Chandra X-ray Observatory 20-Year View of Sagittarius A*: Flares and Quiescent State Properties

Aimi Azizan, Muhammad Ezzat Abdul Hamid and Adlyka Annuar

Vol.44, Pages 10001-10009

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Effect of Sonication Time on the Size Distribution and Suspension Stability of 4-Cyano-4’-pentylbiphenyl (5CB) Microdroplets in Water for Prospective Microdroplet-based Applications

M. S. Mat Yeng, S. K. Ayop and I. R. Mustapa

Vol.44, Pages 10010-10018

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A Geophysical Analysis Through a Python Program to Predict Sunrise, Sunset, and Prayer Timings

Atteeq Razzak

Vol.44, Pages 10019-10027

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Evaluation of Lift-Off Effect on Metal Testing with Non_x0002_Conductive Coating by Using Eddy Current Testing Technique

Syafiqa Putri Adlina Harun and Fauziah Sulaiman

Vol.44, Pages 10028-10038

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An Occurrence Rate Analysis of Geomagnetic Storms and Coronal Mass Ejection Over the Solar Cycle-24

Raja Adibah Raja Halim Shah, Nurul Shazana Abdul Hamid, Mardina Abdullah, Adlyka Annuar, Farahana Kamarudin, and Idahwati Sarudin

Vol.44, Pages 10039-10045

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Resonant Characteristics of Two Closely Arranged Split Ring Resonator

Kim Ho Yeap, Alexander Jia Hui Gan, Zi Xin Oh, Kazuhiro Hirasawa and Peh Chiong Teh

Vol.44, Pages 10046-10061

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The Effect of Post-Annealing Temperatures on Rectifying Properties of Anisotype Al/ZnO/p-Si/Al Heterojunctions

Naif H. Al-Hardan, Muhammad Azmi Abdul Hamid, Azman Jalar and Naser M. Ahmed

Vol.44, Pages 10062-10070

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Lanthanum-doped Na3Zr2(SiO4)2PO4 NASICON-like Solid Electrolyte: Improvement of Ionic Conductivity for All-solid-state Sodium-ion Batteries

Man Kit Chong, Zalita Zainuddin, Fatin Saiha Omar and Mohammad Hafizuddin Hj Jumali

Vol.44, Pages 10071-10078

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Quantum States on Fibre of Vector Bundle From Blow-Up Perspectives

Ahmad H. A. S., Nurisya M. S., Sharifah K. S. H and Hishamuddin Z.

Vol.44, Pages 10079-10087

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The Influence of RF Sputtering Power on Optical and Structural Properties of AlN Films for High Power Electronic Applications

Mohammad Asef Hossaini, Siti Sarah Saniman, Syariffah Nurathirah Syed Yaacob, Muhammad Firdaus Omar and Azzahfeerah Mahyuddin

Vol.44, Pages 10088-10096

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Ionic Conductivity of PVA-based Gel Electrolyte Containing Diethyl Carbonate Plasticizer

A. A. Rahim and M. F. Aziz

Vol.44, Pages 10097-10109

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Elementary Particle Masses and Benford’s Law

Eleni Petrakou

Vol.44, Pages 10110-10115

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Solitons interaction and Turbulence in the Framework of Time Fractional Korteweg-de Vries Equation

Prasanta Chatterjee, Uday Narayan Ghosh, Snehalata Nasipuri and Gurudas Mandal

Vol.44, Pages 10116-10131

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