Volume 44 (Issue 1) -- Year 2023

Parameter Space of Morse Oscillator

T. Min Yang, Nurisya. M. S.

Vol.44, Pages 10001-10012

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Multiple Linear Regression on Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) and Solar Wind for Earthquake Precursor Purposes

R. Umar, S. N. A. Syed Zafar, N. H. Sabri, M. H. Jusoh, A. N. Dagang, A. Yoshikawa, S. Abe and T. Uozumi

Vol.44, Pages 10013-10019

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Wormholes Geometry in the Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory

Kok-Geng Lim and Xiao Yan Chew

Vol.44, Pages 10020-10026

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Broadband X-ray Spectral Analysis of the Changing-look AGN Candidate NGC 4102

Pavithra Mohanadas and Adlyka Annuar

Vol.44, Pages 10027-10035

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Scalar Hairy Black Holes with Asymmetric Potential

Xiao Yan Chew and Dong-han Yeom

Vol.44, Pages 10036-10043

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Error Analysis of Physics-Informed Neural Networks (PINNs) in Typical Dynamical Systems

Sia Jye Ying, Goh Yong Kheng, Liew How Hui and Chang Yun Fah

Vol.44, Pages 10044-10051

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Fundamental Dosimetric Characterization of TLD-100: A Preliminary Study of Radiotherapy Dose Audit with Irregular Multileaf Collimator Fields

Rohaizah Mohamad @ Ab Rahim, Muhammad Safwan Ahmad Fadzil, Nor Aniza Azmi, Akmal Sabarudin, Abdul Khaliq Mohd Saparudin, Siti Khadijah Hamsan, Mohd Taufik Dollah, Ung Ngie Min and Noramaliza Mohd Noor

Vol.44, Pages 10052-10060

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Optimization of MoO3 Hole Transport Layer Thickness for Inverted Type Organic Solar Cell via a Simulation Study

Chi Chin Yap, Nursyafikah Jamil, Rini Barizah Rizauddin and Mariah Marsya Anwar Sahabuddin

Vol.44, Pages 10061-10070

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Investigation of Radon Gas Emanation and Porosity Analysis of Organic and Carbon-Based Composite Brick

Nur Atiqah Syahirah Shari, Mohammad Khairul Azhar Abdul Razab, Mohd Zahri Abdul Aziz and An’amt Mohd Noor

Vol.44, Pages 10071-10077

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The Time Evolution for Qubit – Spin Coherent State Interaction System Using Majorana Sphere Representation

Muhammad Nadzim Zamri, Ainul Zaim Zakaria and Iskandar Bahari

Vol.44, Pages 10078-10092

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An Analysis of Parameter Radiation Pattern and Gain Due to Specific Frequency of Log Periodic Dipole Antenna

W. A. W. Ismail, Z. S. Hamidi, N. N. M. Shariff, T. N. A. T. Affendi and S. N. A. Syed Zaiful Hamzah

Vol.44, Pages 10093-10101

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Analytical Study of Some Non-linear Wave Structures in Two Temperature Non-Isothermal Plasma

Sankar Chattopadhyay

Vol.44, Pages 10102-10136

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Comparing Vapor and Water Fluxes in Near Dry Sandy Soil of Coastal Ecosystem of Terengganu, Malaysia

Goh Eng Giap, Nur Syahmi Izzati Ali Othman, Rudiyanto, Mohd Sofiyan Sulaiman, Jamilah Mohd Salim, Mohammad Fadhli Ahmad, Zakiyyah Jasni

Vol.44, Pages 10137-10149

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Single-photon Fock States from Truncated-then-superposed Coherent States

M. A. A. Rahim, C. H. Raymond Ooi and M. A. R. Othman

Vol.44, Pages 10150-10158

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