Volume 39 (Issue 2) -- Year 2018

Quantum Secure Direct Communication: A Survey of Basic Principle and Recent Development

Liuguo Yin, Dong Pan and Gui-Lu Long

Vol.44, Pages 10001-10006

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A Review on Major Accelerator Facilities for Nuclear Physics in Asia Pacific

Kazuhiro Tanaka

Vol.44, Pages 10007-10029

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When Evolutionary Games and the Ising Model Meet

Pak Ming Hui and Chen Xu

Vol.44, Pages 10030-10034

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Resonances in Positronic Lithium under Quantum Plasmas

Arijit Ghoshal and Yew Kam Ho

Vol.44, Pages 20001-20012

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Probing Structure of Light Atomic Nuclei

Hooi Jin Ong

Vol.44, Pages 20013-20019

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Steady State NEMD Investigation of Heat Conduction of a 1-D Lattice Chain Subjected to a Temperature Gradient and Statement of a Variational Principle for Second Law Compliance of Heat Transfer

Christopher G. Jesudason

Vol.44, Pages 20020-20031

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Evolution of Damped Quantum Oscillators in Density Matrix Space

Buang Ann Tay

Vol.44, Pages 20032-20040

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Lattice Models on Cayley Tree with Competing Interactions

Nasir Ganikhodjaev and Mohd Hirzie Bin Mohd Rodzhan

Vol.44, Pages 20041-20049

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Surface Treatment of PET and PP by Atmospheric Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge for Improvement in Hydrophilicity

D.P. Subedi, U.M. Joshi, R. Shrestha, A. Huczko, C.S. Wong

Vol.44, Pages 20050-20057

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Electric Field Effect on Electric Probe Operating in Plasma Focus Device

P. Tangitsomboon, D. Ngamrungroj, C.S. Wong and R. Mongkolnavin

Vol.44, Pages 20058-20067

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Effect of Various Parameters on Reflection, Transmission, and Absorption of Microwaves in an Inhomogeneous Plasma Slab

M. N. Nasrabadi, A. Heidari

Vol.44, Pages 20068-20081

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Positron Impact Excitations Of Hydrogen Atom Under Lorentzian Astrophysical Plasmas

B. Das, P. Rej, M. Z. M. Kamali and A. Ghoshal

Vol.44, Pages 30001-30010

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Kaon Structure in the Confining Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Model

Parada. T. P. Hutauruk

Vol.44, Pages 30011-30016

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Thermal Transport Through 1D Sandwich Structure

Tarika K. Patel and P. N. Gajjar

Vol.44, Pages 30017-30021

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Two Dimensional Plane, Modified Symplectic Structure and Quantization

Mohd Faudzi Umar, Nurisya Mohd Shah and Hishamuddin Zainuddin

Vol.44, Pages 30022-30026

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Bifurcation and Transition of Multiple Charged One-Plus-Half Monopole Solutions of the SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory

Dan Zhu, Khai-Ming Wong, and Timothy Tie

Vol.44, Pages 30027-30032

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Preliminary Investigation of Band-Head Energies and Charge Quadrupole Moment of Some Rare-Earth Nuclei within Mean-Field Approach

Nurhafiza Mohamad Nor, Meng-Hock Koh, Nor Anita Rezle, P. Quentinb,c and L. Bonneau

Vol.44, Pages 30033-30037

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Preliminary Characterisation of Fast Time-of-flight Cameras for Optical Surface Tracking in Advanced Radiotherapy

S Y Lim and Hafiz M Zin

Vol.44, Pages 30038-30045

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Spectroscopic Properties of Odd-Mass Rare-Earth Nuclei in the HF+BCS Approach Using the Density-Dependent Delta Interaction

Nor Anita Rezle, Nurhafiza Mohamad Nor, Meng-Hock Koh

Vol.44, Pages 30046-30053

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Audio Encryption Based On Chaotic FCNNs

M. Kalpana and K. Ratnavelu

Vol.44, Pages 30054-30058

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Semi-Empirical Modelling of Light Polluted Twilight Sky Brightness

M S Faid, N N M Shariff, Z S Hamidi, N Kadir, N Ahmad and R A Wahab

Vol.44, Pages 30059-30067

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Observation Study of Major Solar Flares in AR 10720

Akram Zaki Roslan and A. H. Abdul Aziz

Vol.44, Pages 30068-30072

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Branching Behavior of the Dyonic Multi-Monopole and Multi-Half monopole in the SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory

Timothy Tie, Khai-Ming Wong and Dan Zhu

Vol.44, Pages 30073-30078

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Effect of Colorlessness Condition on Phase Transition from Hadronic Gas to Partonic Plasma

M. A. A. Ahmed, S. Cherif, M. Ladrem, H. Zainuddin and N. M. Shah

Vol.44, Pages 30079-30087

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