Volume 39 (Issue 1) -- Year 2018

Effect of Caesium Based Compounds As Electron Injection Layer In Fluorescent Polymer Organic Light-Emitting Diode

Calvin Yi Bin Ng, Kai Lin Woon

Vol.44, Pages 10001-10010

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Electro-optical Characterisation of a Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Image Sensor for Optical Imaging Application

Nurul Farah Rosli, A T Abdul Rahman and Hafiz M Zin

Vol.44, Pages 10011-10016

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Study of A1367 Cluster by Curve Fitting Variations

Zamri Zainal Abidin, Zainol Abidin Ibrahim, Low Wei Yew, Muhammad Mustaqim Mezan, Danial Ahmad Ariffin Lee and Christine Jordan

Vol.44, Pages 10017-10028

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Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Microchannel Heat Sink with Micro-Fins

Wei Long Yeo, Kim Ho Yeap, Koon Chun Lai, Kok Seng Ong and Pei Song Chee

Vol.44, Pages 10029-10040

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Collisions of Ion Acoustic Multi-solitons in Electron_x0002_Positron-Ion Plasma with the Presence of Nonthermal Nonextensive Electrons

Kaushik Roy, Gurudas Mandal, Malay Kumar Ghorui, Uday Narayan Ghosh and Prasanta Chatterjee

Vol.44, Pages 10041-10053

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Charge Transfer in Proton-Hydrogen Collisions under Astrophysical Plasmas

N. Masanta, S. Nayek, A. Karmakar, A. Ghoshal, K. Ratnavelu

Vol.44, Pages 10054-10061

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