Volume 38 (Issue 1) -- Year 2017

Small and Arbitrary Amplitude Dust-Acoustic Solitary Waves with Nonextensive Electrons and Vortex-like Distributed Ions

G. Mandal, A. Paul, K. Roy and M. Asaduzzaman

Vol.44, Pages 01001-010015

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The effect of kappa distributed electrons on the dust ion acoustic solitary wave in a collisional dusty plasma

Tushar Kanti Das, Sourav Choudhury, Asit Saha and Prasanta Chatterjee

Vol.44, Pages 010016-010025

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Transistor Characteristics of Semi Analytical 14 nm Gate Length Bi-GNMOS’s

Noor Faizah Z. A, I. Ahmad, P. J. Ker and P.S. Menon

Vol.44, Pages 010026 - 0010033

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Elucidation Of Properties In Langmuir Monolayers And Langmuir - Blodgett (LB) Films Formed By Calix[6]arene

Darvina Lim C.K. and Faridah L. Supian

Vol.44, Pages 010034 - 010043

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Biocellulose (BC) Impregnated with Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) for Zinc Air Fuel Cell application

M.N. Shahera , A.B. Dayang Radiah, S.S. Tean, A. Sharmeen, K. Suryani and M.Y. Faizah

Vol.44, Pages 010044 - 010054

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Engineering Design Process: Cultivating Creativity Skills through Development of Science Technical Product

Muhammad Syukri, Lilia Halim, Lilia Ellany Mohtar

Vol.44, Pages 010055- 010065

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Bifurcation of Travelling Waves and Quasiperiodic Behaviors of Dust Acoustic Waves in Strongly Coupled Dusty Plasma

Tushar Kanti Das, Sourav Choudhury and Prasanta Chatterjee

Vol.44, Pages 010066- 010077

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