Volume 36 (Issue 1) -- Year 2015

Implementing Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Method In Determining The Speed Of The Rotary Encoder For The Tribotronic System In The Pin-On-Disc Tribometer (PODT)

Siti Fazlili Abdullah and Shaparuddin M Bahrudin

Vol.44, Pages 01001-01008

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Head on collision of dust acoustic multi-solitons in a nonextensive plasma

Kaushik Roy, Asit Saha, Prasanta Chatterjee3 and C. S. Wong

Vol.44, Pages 01009-01028

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Leptonic Decays of Pseudoscalar Mesons: A New Approach

Swee Ping Chia

Vol.44, Pages 01029-01032

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