Volume 28 (Issue 1 & 2) -- Year 2007

Effect of SF6 plasma treatment on hydrophobicity improvement of fabrics

T. Supasai, S. K. Hodak and B. Paosawatyanyong

Vol.44, Pages 001-006

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Studies on the phase transitions and properties of tungsten (VI) oxide particles by X-Ray diffraction (XRD) and thermal analysis

S. F. Abdullah, S. Radiman, M. A. Abdul Hamid and N. B. Ibrahim

Vol.44, Pages 007-011

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Extending Bianchi type-I and type-II homogeneous three manifolds to four dimensions

Aslam Abdullah, Hishamuddin Zainuddin and Zainul Abidin Hassan

Vol.44, Pages 013-015

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Radiological dose implications of the natural radioactivity contents of sediment of rivers and streams in the northern part of Ibadan city

E. B. Faweya

Vol.44, Pages 017-021

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Determination of the electron density of dry hydrophilic copolymer tissue-equivalent materials

Sabar Bauk and N. M. Spyrou

Vol.44, Pages 023-028

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Numerical solution of the time-dependent Schrödinger equation in one dimension

Bernardine Renaldo Wong

Vol.44, Pages 029-033

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Rheology and oxidation of hydraulic fluid derived from bio-based material

Wan Sani Wan Nik, Sunny Goh Eng Giap, Senin Hassan, Ku Halim Ku Bulat, Md. Makhlesur Rahman and Nora’Aini Ali

Vol.44, Pages 035-040

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Applicability of energy density formalism in describing 16O+154Sm, 186W fusion reactions at sub-barrier energies

Muhammad Zamrun F., Takayuki Takehi, Kouichi Hagino and Noboru Takigawa

Vol.44, Pages 041-044

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Relaxed compact TORI of arbitrary cross sections

Sherif M. Khalil and Ali I. Mussa

Vol.44, Pages 045-048

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Analysis techniques for the optics in millimetre/submillimetre wave radio telescope receivers

C. Y. Tham, G. Yassin and M. Carter

Vol.44, Pages 049-053

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Role of 55Co in supernova explosions

Jameel-Un Nabi

Vol.44, Pages 055-057

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